Visiting Budapest

Budapest is the capital and the most populous city of Hungary, and the ninth-largest city in the European Union by population within city limits. Situated along the Danube River, Budapest is classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site with an estimated population of 1.7 million people.

The City of Budapest

With a unique, youthful atmosphere, a rich architectural and historical heritage, offering an first-class combination of culture, fine cuisine and thermal baths, Budapest is nicknamed „Paris of the East“. The modern-day Budapest results from the amalgamation of two historic cities lying right opposite each other over the Danube river. Buda is the western (left) bank side, with the high hill atop which the Buda castle sits. Pest is the relatively flat eastern (right) bank side, with the Parliament, numerous other stately buildings, and busy streets retaining all their 19th century architectural heritage.

In 1987, the city’s central area along the Danube River was rightfully added to the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage and has several notable monuments, including the Hungarian Parliament and the Buda Castle. The other Landmarks to look out for in Budapest include the Citadella (Citadel) on Gellért Hill, the riverside Fisherman's Bastion and the Old City Walls, which once completely surrounded the historic city of Pest and were built as a somewhat unsuccessful defensive barrier. Also of interest is the Roman theatre of Aquincum, the former name for Budapest.

More about Budapest

Budapest is a city of very high standards, offering both historical and modern conference venues, hotels, restaurants and places of interest. It is the most visited tourist destination in Hungary and has always been the political, cultural and business centre of the country.

The dominant feature of the city is the Parliament of Budapest which is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary. Designed in neo-Gothic style and opened in 1902, it has been the largest building in Hungary since its completion. Furthermore, Budapest has the oldest subway in continental Europe and it has been in constant operation since 1896. In addition, Budapest has a true underground with more than 200 caverns and tunnels. The caverns are the result of the large number of geothermal springs in the area for thermal activity. This is also the reason why Budapest is mostly known as the thermal bath capital in the world.

You can also walk around the places that are connected with the lives of some famous personalities world-wide. For instance, the iconic illusionist Harry Houdini was born in Budapest. These days, the House of Houdini portrays his work. Another key thing to remember is that Ernő Rubik, the inventor of the famous Rubik’s cube, was born in Budapest. The fans of Rubik’s cube can visit a museum dedicated to this puzzle.

With a widely opened pro-market economy, stable democratic government, stable currency and well-known working skills of the people, this country provides a great opportunity to host a conference in order to meet scientists and business people from all over the world.

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